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Explore the many benefits of incorporating the Concria System in your concrete grinding, polishing and rejuvenation process

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Harmful chemicals are yesterday's news! Find out how Concria is leading the industrial cleaning and construction industries towards a more sustainable flooring process

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  • I have found the Concria system produces a very attractive, durable, and easily maintained finish. Our customers are very excited to be able to purchase a beautiful polished floor from us at a fraction of the traditional cost. The ingenious simplicity and convenience of Concria opens the possibilities of polished concrete to everyone.

    Richard Beer, Managing Director, IMAZAMO, South Africa

  • The system is very simple, effective and fast. Producing 10,000 square feet of polished concrete per day is unheard off. Concria allows contractors to make concrete floors at a very low cost. This “Earth Friendly” process, together with lithium densifiers and sealers, lets our customers produce the highest quality industrial floors. All concrete placement companies should consider the Concria system because it will save them time and money. Not only can you polish concrete, you can use the Concria system to remove curing compounds and bond breakers without the use of industrial cleaners.

    Jonathan Hess, Territory Manager, SBS Construction Products

  • For years, my customers have been asking for a lower cost system that produces polished concrete. They wanted polished concrete floors, but could not afford it. When Concria was introduced to me I knew immediately that this is it! The system is simple, innovative, effective and brilliant. People are amazed that we can polish concrete with a simple swing machine or an auto scrubber. Using Concria, we can offer polished concrete at a fraction of a cost of traditional grinding and polishing, and still earn more profit.

    John Ostermann, President, O-Tech Group

  • I used Concria on several projects here in Arizona. This is a very effective and simple to use system. Concria allows us to save our clients money and also increase profits for our company. This system is much faster than traditional grinding and polishing. We were able to use our existing equipment to do jobs.

    Steve Steigerwald, Director Special Services, ReSource Arizona

  • Over the past several months, I have studied the new Concria Sleeking System. In my professional opinion, the Concria Sleeking System is the most efficient, healthiest and most cost effective method of maintaining concrete floors. I see this as the definite method of choice to maintain concrete in food and Pharmaceutical manufacturing areas as well and any area where concrete dust and particles could negatively affect the product being produced. The Concria Sleeking System forms a natural surface and therefore negates the need for floor finish application. It also maintains a gloss level that exceeds the applied finishes.

    Ian G. Greig, CEO, Daniels Associates, Inc